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Who is this for?

Any church that needs a website

Sites of Light is for Adventist churches with limited resources that desire an online presence. Not every church has the time, energy, or resources for maintaining a self-dependent website. This service is for those who feel overwhelmed by the prospect of finding, purchasing, and maintaining hosting servers, content management systems, domain names, etc. This service is for those who don't know what any of that meant

This service aims to strip away all the confusion and provide clean, simple websites that clearly articulate the most important information that visitors need. This service completely handles all the technical details so you don't have to worry about a single thing.

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Why should we have a website?

Everyone needs a website these days

The world wide web is growing larger everyday and increasingly becoming more deeply integrated into our daily lives. The greatest benefit these websites provide is an easy way for people to find your church. Many visitors search online for driving directions and time of the service.

It's also a great place to direct people when witnessing. Phone numbers, emails, locations and other contact details may change, but your website should be forever available at the same place. This makes your church's website the perfect thing to include in witnessing books and handouts. From the website, people will be able to find up-to-date contact information. Click here to see a working demo website.

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What is this not?

It's not complicated

This service does not provide super-powerful, feature packed websites that you can thoroughly customize. Pastors very rarely maintain an active blog after the first week, and since it's just not cool to have a blog with only two posts that are three years old, a blogging platform is not currently included in this service.

At this time there is also no option to include video or audio sermons. It's assumed that if you don't have the technical know-how to build your own website, you probably don't have the technical know-how to get recorded sermons into a digital format.

This service is not all things for everyone. It's purpose is simply to provide an affordable web presence for small churches. The websites are intentionally simple with a focus on clarity. A few basic features are available that can be turned on or off depending on your church's specific needs. While the goal is to stay intentionally simple, new features will be added if requested enough and it makes sense to do so.

Why isn't it free?

Nothing of value is free

This service is not financially supported by the Global Church or General Conference in any way. We essentially donate our time for free, but there are still various technological costs that we simply cannot handle on our own. The small yearly fee of $100 helps pay for things like:

  • Domain name
  • Hosting server fees
  • Maintenance costs
  • Security updates
  • Feature building

A hundred bucks is a pretty sweet deal for a lovely little website that you never have to build, update, connect to FTP servers, reserve domain names, maintain security, etc.

What's included?

Everything you need, nothing you don't

Okay, this is pretty cool…

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What's required of us?

Just sit back and relax

We bascially just need your church's contact info. So after you send payment, you will be asked to fill out a brief form to provide details needed for your website. Details include church name, location, hours, etc. After that, literally everything will be taken care of for you. You don't have to worry about maintaining a single thing. You'll have a hassle-free website up and running without any effort on your part!

How do we get started?

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"Having a website has been such a blessing! Our church frequently get visitors who discovered us from our website. We don't have to touch the website, it just works. Now we can focus on more important things."

Mariah D, Jasper SDA Church


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